Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to make EM1 stock solution

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The original effective microorganism (EM1) solution contains microorganisms which are inactive (dormant) and thus have to be activated before used. This can be done by adding nutrients into the solution for microorganisms to use and active. Please remember that the original EM solution has a yellow-brown color with a pleasant odor and sweet sour odor. It should have a pH below 3.5. If you find an EM1 solution which has a bad odor and with a pH of more than 4.0, that indicates that the solution has deteriorated. Make sure about this as soon as possible and you may get replacement from where you bought it.

To make an EM1 stock solution, you just need to well mix the original EM1 liquid (1 ml) with 1.000 ml of water and 1 ml of molasses (or 1 g of sugar). Leave this solution for 24 hours before use for your plants. You can use your EM1 stock solution to water your soil planted with plants (by watering cans, sprinkles, or irrigation system) or you can also apply it as a foliar spray both for garden plants or potted ones.You may need to do a little experiment on the go which of these fertilizing techniques work best for you. Defferent people may have different experience because of different soil condition, plant types, watering tools, etc. One thing important to remember with the EM1 stock solution that you are using a liquid fertlizer for your plants.

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